Primarily known for his hyper real portraits and cinematic cgi narratives, aa has been experimenting with the boundaries of photography since 2006.  Having formerly spent almost a decade working in advertising, aa's direction changed dramatically after experiencing hurricane Katrina, which motivated him to reevaluate his trajectory, ultimately leading to the foolhardy decision to pursue photography as a full time vocation.  He has since captured the souls of celebrity actors, directors and authors, worked on A level ad campaigns and pursued his interest in charity photography and the nude form, those being typically mutually exclusive.  In addition to completing a 2 year long bi-coastal book project shooting portraits of renowned fine artists, aa has also recently moved into videography, directing several music videos, a documentary and an upcoming short film.  Aa works repeatedly with Kevin smith, Grant Morrison and Neil gaiman and spends his off time teaching an army of cats the fine art of reflexology.  He is originally from Harare Zimbabwe, regardless of how ridiculous that sounds, and wrote the majority of this on a Virgin flight from NY, rather than pay the $8 for a movie, despite already having spent $3 on a pair of headphones during pre-boarding.